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Restore Biosciences

Where cutting-edge science creates the highest quality THC-Free Hemp oil.

Where cutting-edge science creates the highest quality THC-Free Hemp oil.

Where cutting-edge science creates the highest quality THC-Free Hemp oil.Where cutting-edge science creates the highest quality THC-Free Hemp oil.

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I had tried several other brands and Restore CBD has been the absolutely most helpful!  It has helped me sleep, helped my joint pain and my anxiety so much I am able to get out and do things with my friends and family again!  I  signed up for the free consultation with their certified cannabis coach too and Tina was a huge help.  She explained what to expect, went over my meds to be sure I wasn't taking anything that could be dangerous with CBD and she gave me a dosage schedule that I followed.  After about only three weeks I was a new person!  I highly recommend this product!- Melinda San Antonio, TX


Having many GI issues I tried the gut restoration system from Restore by Microbiome Labs.  Whoa! What a dofference!  I have tried like everything, and nothing has helped me as much as this system!  I went slowly and now I don't bloat or have GI issues!  They were really helpful one time when I called with questions.  -Juan M Austin, TX


The reason I gave three stars is because my first shipment came damaged but this was the shippers fault.  They promptly resent me a new bottle and it came okay, no issues.  I LOVE this CBD!  It workd great!  I don;t have pain but I struggled with sleep.  I now don't get up multiple times per night all thanks to this product.  It's natural too and really doesn't taste NEAR as bad as others I tried.  Tina was extremely helpful with all my questions.  She is very knowledgeable. -Cynthia P. San Antonio, TX


I bought this CBD originally for me.  It did sooo much for me I decided to get some for my brother.  My brother had a brain injury and wasn't able to do much for himself.  He was in pain and didn't sleep much. After taking this product for five months he is now talking to me, able to eat and shower on his own and interacts with us!  This is a miracle because the doctor said that he wouldn't ever be able to do anything by himself or be able to communicate.  I tried this out of desperation and love it.  Tina told me it would not cure him or help his brain injury but I disagree with her.  It has done wonders for him and me!-Pri


This CBD is wonderful!  They start you off low and build you up to the dose for you.  They also gave me a free consultation and went over my prescriptions to see if any would interact with this.  I was fine.  It took a few weeks to start to feel some pain relief but I started to sleep MUCH better in the first week.  I am so glad I finally tried this.  Its also organically made in Colorado which was a big plus for me.-Maria D


Fast shipping and great product.  Works really well and I liked the dosage sheet they gave me and the testing results page.  Very helpful.  I also got the cream and....HEAVEN!  It worked in like 20 minutes on my knee pain.  I loven this stuff!-Ken